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High Level Questions

What is the current status of these initiatives and the timeline for deployment?”

The Manufacturing USA institute developed the concept for these initiatives over the last six months, working together and with member organizations to formulate next steps.  Development of operating frameworks, definition of operating authorities and budgets, funding, and startup of the initiatives will happen in a stepwise fashion over the next months.  As appropriate, the institutes will work with the U.S. government and our current funding agencies to identify the best paths to operationalize the Resilient Manufacturing Task Force and identify and secure funding for the initiatives.

Why is Manufacturing USA doing this?

The Manufacturing USA institutes operate across most, if not all, industry segments and engage regularly industry, academia, nonprofit, and government organizations.  These interactions afford the institutes a unique, unbiased perspective on the cross-industry needs of U.S. manufacturing companies, and the role of the institutes is to build communities, develop new technology solutions to advance U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, and educate the current and future workforce.  Few other organizations are better positioned to shape these initiatives to meet the needs of U.S. industry, and the public-private partnership mode in which most institutes operate also offers a model for how some or all of the initiatives might be operationalized.

Data Exchange

How would the Data Exchange be used in non-emergency situations?”

The National Supply Chain Data Exchange is envisioned to be part of the day-to-day operations infrastructure for manufacturers, providing them with real time insights that will help improve efficiencies during normal operations, but most importantly, position them to respond to any disruptions (small, large or catastrophic) in a much more resilient and data-driven manner. Daily use of this digital backbone and the SC tools will improve the usability of the system, and build confidence that the system can be trusted under duress.

Would companies be expected to share proprietary information to participate in the Data Exchange?

Our vision is one where proprietary information would not need to be shared. The data required by appropriately sanctioned authorities would be pre-authorized as part of the engagement process, and where necessary, anonymized to protect the source.

Technology Corps

Could the Technology Corps be used to help transition individuals from high school to public/military service and from military service into manufacturing?”

The idea of supporting individuals by providing useful experiences and skills to enter the workforce is a key part of the effort, and the same programs could be used to help military service members transition into careers in the private sector as well.


How can I participate?”

Send an email to info@mfgguard.com to get on the mailing list.

Policy Related

How does the Resilient Manufacturing Task Force Act connect?”

These ideas are core to the concepts described in the Resilient Manufacturing Task Force Act.